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  1. Had a great time working with AA on an EDM track! He’s easy going, professional, fun to work with and definitely has some cool industry connects! I’d DEFINITELY recommend collabing with AA!

  2. As an artist manager, I have made a great decision connecting with Alvin. He has done a fabulous job co-writing, producing Alleyah kate’s new single. I can say that Alvin is a great producer and songwriter that takes pride in the work he gets involved in.
    Thank You for working with my artist and I would definitely recommend artists that are serious about their music endeavors.
    Jose A Perez

  3. Working with Alvin has been a very fulfilling experience. Alvin’s extensive knowledge in songwriting and music production has helped me kick start things in a way only a true professional can do. His attention to fine detail and true passion for his work will leave me working with Alvin for many years to come.

  4. I’ve had the amazing pleasure of working with Alvin as a cowriter and producer. Each encounter has been positively astounding in that he truly pays attention to each detail when he works. Every note, beat, string and lyric is thought out and his work always speaks for itself. Watch out for Mr. Orange as he’s totally destined for greatness!!

  5. Alvin Orange is an amazing producer! He really captures the sound you are looking for. I highly recommend him for any artist. He is growing and will be huge one day. He has a natural ear for sound, music and production. Hit him up! You`ll be making a future hit.

  6. Alvin has a gift for what he does. He hears things in a way that other people can’t. That ability helps others bring their passion projects to life. He produced a great track for both myself and my love. His technical prowess and his intuition for such things makes him an invaluable asset to anyone who maybe interested in working with him.

    Rock on, Orange!

  7. Alvin is a great collaborator and friend. I’m leading a production team in the same building as him, and I have always found him to be respectful and willing to impart his own wisdom for our benefit. Alvin is a motivated producer, and anyone who works with him could have a shot at gaining from his energy and ambition.

  8. I would definitely recommend working with Alvin Orange. As a producer, he always keeps an eye on trends, he listens a lot of new music and he is very sensitive to elements. He tries to incorporate in his tracks the best findings and he is open to experiment.
    As a songwriter, Alvin has a very clear understanding of commercial sound and knows what consist a catchy lyrics. He thoroughly selects the best words and phrases for the songs to bring the best to the audience.
    Alvin is very passionate about what he’s doing and ambitious. Very nice person, easy to talk to, easy to do deal with.

  9. Alvin is a great producer and collaborator to work with! I have ben working with Alvin the past few months, and it has been a great experience! He is dedicated to making quality music, and really understand the needs of a songwriter and vocalist from the role of a producer and arranger. He takes the time and care with his clients to deliver results in a timely manner, and I look forward to creating more great songs with him in the future!

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