Watsky’s Disastrous Stage Dive


Musicians can do crazy things in the heat of the moment. Ozzy bit off the head of a bat, Sinead O’Connor ripped up a picture of the Pope, and Iggy Pop purposely cut himself with a shard of glass. Now, young, white rapper George Watsky is trying to add his name to this list. London’s Vans Warped Tour was stopped yesterday after Watsky stage dived into the crowd—from a towering height of 30 plus feet.

This has to be one of the most amazingly absurd things I’ve ever seen. As fans chanted and cheered, Watsky climbed a ladder (who’s the moron to put it there to begin with?), stepped onto the stage’s lighting equipment, and then belly flopped right into the crowd.  How could any of that possibly sound like a good idea? What if the lighting equipment collapsed under his weight, killing everyone on stage South Park/Butters Stotch style? What if the crowd was actually intelligent and, upon seeing Watsky plummeting towards them, rushed out of the way, causing him to hit the ground and break every bone in his body? Or what if the rapper actually collided into the crowd and injured two people in the process? Well guess what. That’s EXACTLY what happened. Two people had to be hospitalized after Watsky’s stunt. One suffered muscle bruising while the other was stuck with a broken arm. Can you smell an impending lawsuit? Because I definitely can. And the most shocking thing of all? Watsky wasn’t even under the influence of drugs and alcohol when he did it.

Aside from this madness, Watsky is known for his rapid-fire rapping on YouTube and slam poetry, where he dramatically performs the poetry he writes. It was his performances of slam poetry that turned him into a YouTube viral sensation and really initiated his rap career.

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