Wasted Weds: MTV Top 10 Artists of 2013


It’s that time of year where I honestly don’t know my feet from my head so my apologies for missing our weekly wasted Wednesday last week. Won’t happen again dear friends, I promise!

Let’s get to it shall we?

I am happy to see that the Pope got the Times Person of the Year and not Miley Cyrus. I mean come one people, can you really put those two in the same category even? Religious or not, the new Pope is a bad ass! Either way Miley had to take number one somewhere and where better than the MTV Top 10 Artists of 2013. Let’s look at these artists shall we?

10. Lady Gaga-After her injury this past year that cancelled most of her tour and left her little monsters wondering if she’d ever return, it’s no wonder she’s at the bottom of the list. I am sure she will make a full force come back in 2014!

9. Lorde-Where did this chick come from? I hear “Royals” everywhere I go! She has one hell of a voice and rumor has it she got the idea for this song and title from seeing a photo of a former Kansas City Royals baseball player. KC MO Reppin’!

8. Bruno Mars-No brainer. This guy has a unique style that works well in cars, parties and clubs…I dig it.

7. Drake-Questioning his low placement on this list but happy he’s on it.

6. Katy Perry-After struggling with divorce she was able to turn the experience around in 2013 for the better. “Roar” has been an inspiration to many.

5. One Direction-I honestly thought boy bands were over after *NSYNC. I am not the biggest ONED fan but you have to give the guys credit, they have brought on a whole new generation of screaming girls and stylish looks.

4. Kanye West-I personally am not a fan of his music or “artistic” ability but he was in the news a lot and did have a baby with Kim Kardashian so no surprise.

3. Justin Timberlake– YEAH BABY! Beyond happy to see this man on the list. His music, videos and charisma are what make this man the amazing being he is. And no, JT was not my favorite *NSYNC member!

2. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis-It’s about time people started taking note of how awesome these guys are. “Thrift Shop” has been around forever people…or at least a couple years. With their fun tunes, great lyrics and inspiration attitudes I am happy to see these guys as runner up!

1. Miley Cyrus-She has taken this year by storm with her “I don’t give a fu**” attitude. She is not the Miley we all grew to love but I am excited/hesitant to see where she will go.

So what do you think? Anyone missing from this list or that shouldn’t be on here?

Until next time..