Wasted Wednesday

We are so excited to be joining the rockoranything.com team! After spending many nights with one another in college, M and I were quickly dubbed the gossip queens by our friends.  Now, a few years later, we still thrive on reading up on and exchanging stories about celebrities, fashion, music and concerts.  Naturally, it came as no surprise when the rockoranything guys asked for our glamorous touch in the form of a weekly post on the latest celebrity news – so we jumped right in.  Keep an eye out for our Wasted Wednesday celebrity gossip that is sure to give you your fix about your favorite superstars!

So far this week, we can’t stop watching the video that’s surfaced of the Beyoncé concert goer who takes it upon himself to spank her right after she points to him to sing into her microphone! Her reaction is irreplaceable. First of all, if Beyoncé even LOOKED at me I might faint. The fact that he had the courage to TOUCH her?! I can’t. Hail BaddieBey.

Being this is our first post, we were inclined to leave it at that, except that the Amanda Bynes train wreck is too good not to mention.  We’re, admittedly (and perhaps shamefully)  obsessed with her demise. Who doesn’t have vivid memories of her on the Amanda Show wearing cut-offs, a plaid oxford and buck teeth skipping around mocking red necks?  Even Courtney Love has reached out to her via twitter. Amanda’s brainless comeback is like those you say as the words are coming out of your mouth you know you are sounding stupid.  She probably thought of something perfectly witty three hours later.

xo M&J


  1. TimeSurfer2100 says:

    Now she’s on to Miley Cyrus… jeez!!!

  2. TimeSurfer2100 says:

    That’s actually my main way of picking up girls, smack that ass a give a quick over the shoulder nod to say what’s up. 60% of the time it work every time.. ohh yeah!

    Anyway, the saga continues with the tweets FYI – http://perezhilton.com/2013-05-31-courtney-love-talks-amanda-bynes-ugly-comments-child-stars#.Uajkk5Wvxjg

    God help us.

  3. wewanttheworld says:

    Well, I don’t know what his intentions were. To gain attention or his animalistic instincts took over and he just couldn’t help himself. My question is, what did he expect would happen? What’s the best case scenario from doing something like this? Smacking the ass of a total stranger, how many times has that worked out in your favor? I know the ladies love it, but seriously I just don’t get it. Did he think she would find such an aggressive move irresistible, jump off stage and fornicate with him? I doubt it and I hope not, but this is a lose lose move. It only works with girlfriends, people you’re hooking up with and on porn sets. None of the above apply here. All he’s sitting with now is a brief YouTube video that will soon be forgotten.

  4. Lilia says:

    I can’t believe it! It’s so shameful when an artist/entertainer gives a fan the opportunity to shine and he acts like an animal. I guess some people want to be famous at any cost. It is really a shame.

  5. TimeSurfer2100 says:

    Yes, welcome M and J. This is a great first post and I look forward to reading more from the infamous duo!

    Ok, down to the sleaze… I got to agree with Tom on the Beyonce incident, Jay-Z is at least going to send a henchmen to rough him up a little. I mean, I can’t blame the guy though. That Veronica Vaughn is one fine piece of ace and I guess his defense is with all that dance music, it was probably really hot and sweaty, and sometimes the heat of the moment and nature just takes over. I thought she felt it too? I got to give the guy credit, got to go with your gut if it feels right, but jeez, those next moments after you slap a chunk of Beyonce’s ass has got to be a the weirdest mix of emotions. Lust for this Goddess of beauty taking over/ realizing that you are a complete asshole. This guy is definitely going through some serious conversations with himself in the mirror this week, “look at yourself… what the hell is the matter with you… you animal, but it felt so soft and bootylicious… no, no, you’re a dog, you dog, you little dog” haha.

    As for Amanda Bynes, she is really something else… I’m reading now that she is suing TMZ because the allegedly called something a bong that actually wasn’t a bong. She also has some model telling her to get it together, who she also called ugly. I can’t even really tell if I think Amanda Bynes is hot, like sometimes I guess. IDK. It’s hard to tell?

  6. wewanttheworld says:

    Welcome M&J, I’m delighted and excited to have you aboard. First and foremost regarding the Beyonce incident, I think that Jay-Z has a hit out on that guy as we speak. What is this dude doing there in the first place? With primo stage side seats no less. Literally one of the last places you would find me is a Beyonce concert, no matter how good looking she might be.

    Secondly, on a more serious note, while the Amanda Bynes circus may be amusing to some, this woman is in need of serious counseling. Sending her to jail or forcing her to pay fines won’t solve much of anything, she needs treatment from a qualified mental health expert to diagnose her and set her on the right path towards recovery. It’s easy to have a laugh at her expense, but this is a distressed soul exacerbated by drug use who needs immediate healing.