Wasted Wednesday

Not only did Justin Bieber cover one of Eminem’s most recognized songs, Lose Yourself, at a concert this week – he did it in Detroit. A gutsy move by the teen-turned-bad-boy pop star to do in Eminem’s hometown. Now, I’ve been known to belt out the words to JBiebs’ hits like Baby and Somebody to Love back in the day (and by “back in the day,” I mean yesterday), but the fact that he thinks it’s acceptable to tackle a cover like this and sing the words wrong just reinforces the singer’s delusional self-awareness.

Earlier this summer, at a concert in Chicago, Justin was taking pictures with the Stanley Cup and stood on the Blackhawk logo in the team’s locker room. A well-known no-no in the hockey world. Not even the players walk on the logo. The arrogant move caused an uproar by fans and at a recent fan convention, a number of them retaliated by standing on a giant cut out of his face while posing with the recently won trophy. Your move, Bieber.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Haha, this kid doesn’t have a clue!!!