Last night I attended the John Mayer Born and Raised world tour with a few friends.  So, my apologies for being a day late on my celebrity reporting duties – but can you blame me? As you already know, I am a huge fan of his so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I spent the entire day prepping by listening not only to Born and Raised, which was released in May 2012, but also to Paradise Valley, which came out last week. Before I give my two cents regarding Miley’s VMA performance, I absolutely must cosign on my fellow blogger’s post on Paradise Valleyin that the entire album is worth your listening. In it’s entirety. On repeat. Do it.

Ok. Now, let’s get down to business.  I need not reiterate what happened last Sunday, because, frankly if you don’t know by now, you’re probably better off.  Yesterday Miley tweeted a quote of support from her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Miley Twitter

Aside from the fact their entire relationship actually freaks me out, Billy Ray’s achy breaky heart just doesn’t understand that Miley’s behavior was, at the very least, inappropriate.