Walt Disney’s Strange Faces ‘8^(

Colleagues would often catch Walt Disney making the strangest faces.  One brow raised, one eye squinted, the other popping out and a frown like he was an old Italian mob boss.  What a ridiculous face for one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs and businessmen.  Why was he making it then?  It wasn’t that he was surprised, although it probably looked like he was and he probably packed that much emotional response in it too!  It was because he was pushing himself to see further and more interesting things.  I guess that’s the face’s reaction to a completely focused and energized mind.  Go ahead, give it a try.  Look out your window and push yourself really hard to see something interesting or inspiring or look down at a book and watch the words really come to life.  You can almost always find something stimulating if you try and if you are really trying your hardest you will almost always be making a weird, eye-popping out, eyebrow-raised face.  I’ve tried to do this myself recently.  For example, when I take a bike ride down the same old streets I always do I look out into the distance and try harder.  I push myself harder to take every ounce of stimulation that moment has to offer and to see more.  We never have anything more than the present moment, so I do my best to make the most of it.   At first it is very difficult to motivate yourself to do this.  You may think, ah, let me just enjoy my walk.  But I guarantee that making one of Walt Disney’s strange faces will give you something more.  You will see the animation and beauty of daily life.  Just don’t try it in front of your boss or on your first date… trust me.

BTW – I just tried to listen harder and I swear my ears wiggled.  Disney’s magic!


  1. Natalie says:

    I am so trying this!! I love making funny faces. Interesting cool fact about Disney thanks for sharing:-)

    1. TimeSurfer2100 says:

      And it really works! Sometimes I wake up so tired and out of it. Then I think WWDD (what would disney do) and I pick pretty much the first thing I see and concentrate on it and convince my mind to find something interesting about it. For example, this morning I noticed that my apartment’s doors has two different types of knobs. I mean this isn’t life changing, but you just realize the shape, color, the human ingenuity in designing it and it gets your mind in the right place for when something truly interesting comes along.