Vampire Weekend @ Firefly

Well, it’s too bad that all the acts couldn’t be winners this weekend. Vampire Weekend had a prime slice of stage time on Sunday evening, yet were unable to fulfill expectations plagued by bad sound and an incompatibility to the outdoor environment. Everything just sounded empty as the songs lacked their musical backbone and resembled shells of themselves. I know that this is not a reflection of Vampire Weekend as a band. I saw them some years ago in NYC at Terminal 5 after they dropped their first album and they were spectacular. That was also indoors and more welcoming to their acoustics. Outdoor festivals may just not be their thing. People remarked that the stage they performed on had been victimized by poor sound all weekend, yet it was near perfect when I saw Dispatch there hours earlier. Go figure.


  1. wewanttheworld says:

    Yeah I mean the set list was cool. They closed with “Walcott” and all just like they did in NYC. It just didn’t sound as great, and I was not alone in this thought. They played all of the top songs from their three albums, so I can’t say they left much out, it just sounded poor.

  2. TimeSurfer2100 says:

    A lot of the electric bands have a tough time with the outdoor acoustics. Not surprised here. I remember that show at Terminal 5, I hadn’t even heard any of their songs at that point, but I became a fan because of that show. They certainly are an awesome act. Did they play a good mix of old/ new?