The Slim Shady LP Turns 15

Rock or Anything would like to wish The Slim Shady LP a happy belated birthday! Yes, just five days ago, this hip-hop classic turned 15 years old. This wasn’t Eminem’s first album though; that would be Infinite. But after Infinite hit the shelves and was torn apart by critics and fans, Eminem was forced to head back to his […]

Top Stories from the VMAs: Justin Timberlake and Eminem

My brain was raped last night. First I watched Breaking Bad, which had my heart racing from start to finish (if you don’t watch this show, then there’s something missing in your life). Then I caught up on MTV’s version of the Grammy’s, which, as expected, offered both incredible and embarrassing highlights. Lady Gaga kicked […]

Shady’s Back…Tell a Friend

In just two days, the hip-hop world has shaken with groundbreaking news. First, the up-and-coming Kendrick Lamar raised the bar with his verse in Control, challenging his peers and competitors to either step up their game or be destroyed by his own. Then yesterday, legendary veteran Eminem gave us the first sneak peek to his eighth, […]