Most Anticipated Rap Albums for 2014

2013 was an awesome year for rap, regardless of how you might feel about the musicians and albums that came to dominate it. Kendrick Lamar and Macklemore were breakout sensations, and we received albums from Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye West, Tyler the Creator, Childish Gambino, Mac Miller, Big Sean, Drake, Hopsin, and many others. 2013 […]

Kanye’s College Dropout Celebrates Ten Years

Because I spent yesterday writing about The Beatles, I completely missed an historic landmark: the 10th anniversary of College Dropout. That’s right. It’s been ten years since the world was introduced to one of its most egotistical and revolutionary artists: Kanye West. Of course, Kanye was already a legitimate producer at the time, working primarily […]

Bound 3: The James Franco and Seth Rogen Love Story

This. Is. Awesome. Comedic actors James Franco and Seth Rogen decided to make their own version of Kanye West’s new music video, Bound 2. The title? Bound 3. The hysterical parody matches Kanye’s absurd video shot for shot. Literally. Franco’s impersonation of Kanye might just be his best acting performance yet. And of course, who […]

Kanye is ‘Bound 2’ Kim Kardashian in New Music Video

Have you heard? Kim Kardashian just released another sex tape–only this time, it’s a bit more softcore and features Kanye West instead of Ray J. The new single off Kanye’s Yeezus, Bound 2, features the megastar rapper with his megastar girlfriend/baby mama, Kim Kardashian. The two ride a motorcycle (though it’s obviously not moving) across […]

So Two Rap Gods, an MC, and a Pop Artist Walk into a Bar…

It’s a week of accomplishments for several of rap’s biggest stars. I have yet to listen to Drake’s newest album Nothing Was the Same, hence the lack of a review. But earlier this week, the Young Money MC reached a huge landmark: his album went platinum, surpassing an impressive one million sales. It’s an extraordinary […]

Hop Is Back: Disses Kanye and Kendrick

Hop Is Back isn’t just the title of this article. It’s the name of Hopsin‘s first single off his long-awaited, highly anticipated album Knock Madness, which is slated for release on November 26. After hearing the song’s opening line, “The Dark Knight’s in this b*tch without the mask and cape,” I knew that whatever followed would be nothing short of epic. […]

Rap Gods: Kanye West

This week, I’ll be discussing current events regarding two of the biggest, self-proclaimed gods in rap music today. First, Kanye West. Earlier this month, Kanye cooked up some beef with Jimmy Kimmel, after the talk show host featured a skit that poked fun at the rapper’s BBC interview. After seeing parts of it (he was […]