Hopsin Kills It Live in NYC

Saturday night, I had the privilege of watching indie rapper Hopsin perform live in Union Square. He had two opening acts–two small-time, talented rappers whose monikers I can’t recall. After they finished tearing up the stage, Hopsin came out dressed like a MC from the early 2000s. He sported baggy clothes, a skull cap, and […]

Hopsin’s Knock Madness Album Review

It’s finally here. Hopsin’s third album, Knock Madness, was OFFICIALLY released yesterday (it leaked on Monday). It took three years and a breakup with his girlfriend to push Marcus to do it—but that’s still better than Dr. Dre, whose Detox album has been notoriously overdue for a decade. Knock Madness feels like it’s suffering from a […]

Hop Is Back: Disses Kanye and Kendrick

Hop Is Back isn’t just the title of this article. It’s the name of Hopsin‘s first single off his long-awaited, highly anticipated album Knock Madness, which is slated for release on November 26. After hearing the song’s opening line, “The Dark Knight’s in this b*tch without the mask and cape,” I knew that whatever followed would be nothing short of epic. […]