Uptown Special Mark Ronson Review

Mark Ronson’s Uptown Special is an instant classic.  There definitely are a few songs that are going to be sticking around for a long while besides the Billboard Chart topping “Uptown Funk”.  “Uptown Funk” passes my “would this set off a wedding test”, which to me, means it’s going to be an oldie one day […]

Chili Peppers Went Unplugged for Super Bowl

Yesterday brought some very interesting news to light. One: with 112 million viewers, this year’s Super Bowl has become the most watched television program in American history—which means that we’ll be seeing another Meadowlands Super Bowl very soon. Two: Red Hot Chili Peppers were accused of ‘unplugging’ during Sunday night’s halftime show. In other words, […]

Bruno Mars and Chili Peppers Were the Best Part of the Super Bowl

Eight points away from becoming the first blowout in Super Bowl history, last night’s game was, unfortunately, a three and a half hour yawn for sports fans all over the country. In fact, the game was so boring that I actually turned it off. Even the commercials gave a poor performance. None of them were memorable, […]

Chili Peppers Get Shafted by Bruno Mars

February 2 marks the greatest unofficial holiday in America: Super Bowl Sunday. It’s a day where every American, even those who aren’t sports fans, gather around the TV with family and friends to watch football’s best teams duke it out for the championship title. A day where we (or at least, a big chunk of […]

2013 Europe Music Video Awards

Last night in Amsterdam, MTV celebrated the Europe Music Video Awards (EMAs), which is just the foreign version of the VMAs. Stupidly enough, it’s MTV Europe that actually managed to arrange these words in the proper order (why is it called the Video Music Awards and not the Music Video Awards, damn it?).  Like its […]

Three Modern Songs That Will Be Played at Weddings/ Celebrations Until We Die

Celebration, The Electric Slide, Sweet Caroline, YMCA, I Will Survive, We Are Family, Get Down Tonight, Disco Inferno, Macarena, Turn The Beat Around and That’s The Way (I Like It) are just a handful of the many epic dance songs that you always expect to hear at weddings/ graduations/ big celebrations. Grandma and grandpa get […]