Jay Z Ranks His Albums…And So Do We

To celebrate his 44th birthday, rap legend Jay Z ranked twelve of his albums from best to worst, providing brief commentary on each one: “1. Reasonable Doubt (Classic) 2. The Blueprint (Classic) 3. The Black Album (Classic) 4. Vol. 2 (Classic) 5. American Gangster (4 1/2, cohesive) 6. Magna Carta (Fuckwit, Tom Ford, Oceans, Beach, […]

Happy 44th Birthday to Jay Z

“Shawn Carter was born on December 4…” If you’ve ever heard the intro to Jay Z’s Black Album, aptly titled December 4th, then you’d know that it’s Jay Z’s birthday. Yes, on this fine December day, we celebrate the birth of a legendary artist—not just in rap but in music as a whole. Today, Jay […]