Nicki Minaj’s “I Lied” and “Only” Are Dope

You probably have heard “Only” already, mad crazy track with Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.  “I Lied” is a deep cut you’ve got to hear too.  Can’t believe she’s that dynamic.  I didn’t provide the link, but if you’re feeling these two, youtube Beyoncè “Feeling Myself”…  crazy too.  Enjoy..

Wasted Wednesday

All hail Beyonce at all times, but especially today which marks the fabulous singer’s 32nd birthday.  Born in Texas, Beyonce rose to fame fist with acclaimed girl group, Destiny’s Child, whose singles include Say My Name and Bills, Bills, Bills. After the group’s hiatus, Beyonce’s career as a solo artist skyrocketed.  Below are my favorite solo Bey singles for […]

VMA Nostalgia

Last week, after flicking through channels like a zombie, I randomly came across an advertisement for MTV’s Video Music Awards. By the way, has it ever bothered anyone else that it’s not called the MVAs—the Music Video Awards? I mean, they are celebrating music videos, aren’t they? Anyway, I saw the ad and thought to […]

Magna Carta Review

Can I get a what-what the hell am I listening to? Often heralded as one of rap’s greatest MCs, Jay-Z delivered his twelfth studio album earlier this month. Magna Carta…Holy Grail is a mediocre piece of work that falls short of greatness mostly because of disappointing wordplay. Even the album’s title is a mediocre effort. […]

Wasted Wednesday

We are so excited to be joining the team! After spending many nights with one another in college, M and I were quickly dubbed the gossip queens by our friends.  Now, a few years later, we still thrive on reading up on and exchanging stories about celebrities, fashion, music and concerts.  Naturally, it came as no […]