Scientist Clone Human Stem Cells

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This may be old news to you, but this is the first I am hearing this and I guess it is about time.  Everyone remembers the cloned sheep Dolly back in 1996.  She was the product of 3 mothers – one that provided the egg, another that provided the DNA and a third that carried her to term.  Dolly lived until 6 and had triplets.  I remember when that news came out and honestly thought humans would be cloned in the next couple years.  Maybe that would have been true if their wasn’t that much controversy around cloning a human, but this May we took a giant leap closer.

Scientist at the Oregon Health and Science University have successfully created embryonic stem cells, which are capable of growing into different human organs.  This truly is a huge step for science and the article below can describe to you how they did it.  I am personally pro-stem cell research because these eggs would have not been born anyway.  The women that provided the eggs not trying to get pregnant, so they would have just been… well ya know.  For that reason I see how much more good stem cell research can do.  Obviously, cloning full humans is another story, but what do you think about using human stem cells to create organs to cure people of cancer, malfunctioning organs, ect?