Netflix’n and Heard This Alice Russell Gem on Blacklist – Citizens

Catching up on Blacklist last night and this track came on.  Wow, I love the ending lyric… “I could be you, you could be me”.  I often think this way and how blessed I am to be born into the opportunity I was born into.  It’s crazy… if you are born into poverty, you are […]

Nicki Minaj’s “I Lied” and “Only” Are Dope

You probably have heard “Only” already, mad crazy track with Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown.  “I Lied” is a deep cut you’ve got to hear too.  Can’t believe she’s that dynamic.  I didn’t provide the link, but if you’re feeling these two, youtube Beyoncè “Feeling Myself”…  crazy too.  Enjoy..

Uptown Special Mark Ronson Review

Mark Ronson’s Uptown Special is an instant classic.  There definitely are a few songs that are going to be sticking around for a long while besides the Billboard Chart topping “Uptown Funk”.  “Uptown Funk” passes my “would this set off a wedding test”, which to me, means it’s going to be an oldie one day […]

Governor’s Ball 2014

I wish I could tell you that I ventured to Randall’s Island this past weekend to experience all three days of Governor’s Ball. Unfortunately, my checking account couldn’t withstand the blow that comes with paying for a three-day festival pass, enough beer to maintain my buzz during the day, and drunken (and unnecessary) purchases of […]

Happy 20th Anniversary to Nas’ Illmatic!

Tomorrow, we celebrate a monumental day in rap history: the 20th anniversary of Nas’ Illmatic. Usually, such a milestone would officially mark this album a classic—but let’s be honest. Illmatic received that honor a long time ago, when it first hit the shelves of record stores. Before April 19, 1994, rap fans had never heard […]

King Los’ Zero Gravity II Review

Step aside Kendrick Lamar; there’s a new king in town. Following in the footsteps of the legendary Notorious B.I.G., Baltimore rapper Los was signed to Bad Boy Records by P Diddy—or Puff Daddy, or Diddy, or whatever the hell he calls himself today. However, Los’ career didn’t exactly pan out the way it did for […]