#Beautiful By Mariah Carey and Miguel

This song is certain to run up the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and quickly as summer nears.  A catchy guitar rift invites you right into the dreamy lyrics of Mariah Carey and Miguel as big ole’ drums and a phat bass back the track.  I can’t help but put this song on repeat.  Mariah’s 13th […]

Luke Skywalker vs Marty McFly

It’s like discussing chips vs dip, who would you rather be?  It’s a tough question.  Luke, “The Chosen One” Skywalker or Marty McFly, the skateboarding, rockstar time traveler.  For me, it’s pretty simple, ya had me at rockstar and while Luke’s resume is nothing to laugh at,  Marty’s life just isn’t as messed up as […]