Memorial Day 2013 Team and Fans,

It’s another Memorial Day Weekend and I’m excited for the festivities that will ensue.  The Jersey Shore will be a circus I’m sure, which is where most of my college friends will be spending the weekend.  Long Islanders will be BBQ’ing and will open their pools for the summer, South Beach will be on lock down for Urban Beach Week as over 200,000 people pile on to the small island and I’m sure New Englanders have some fun festivities planned as well.  As we celebrate this holiday, I’d like to take a moment to pay thanks and express my gratitude to our forefathers who fought and died for this country.  The freedom granted to us as American citizens to pursue our own dreams is truly the greatest blessing.  Not only are we lucky to live under that freedom, but we live at a time when making those dreams come true is within our reach.  I am truly proud to be American and am making every effort to make my dreams and aspirations reality.  I hope you are too!

This summer 2013  is going to be awesome!  There is some great content on the way from and a bright future for this young website!!  I hope everyone that visits this site learns about some new music that they might be interested in, remembers some good oldies, is interested by some cool youtube posting or has a good laugh from a funny post.  Now, without further adieu, I’d like us all to put our hands over our hearts for The Star Spangled Banner, performed by Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock in 1969.   Get ready for summer kids and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Thank you,
Chris (TimeSurfer2100)



  1. TimeSurfer2100 says:

    That’s really an impressive story you have Azucena, looking forward to your future posts. I couldn’t agree with you more. The world is your oyster, dive in!

  2. TimeSurfer2100 says:

    Azucena, you bring an interesting perspective to the table here. As a new American citizen, what opportunities have you taken advantage of? Do you ever find Americans that are stuck in a rutt confusing or lazy with all the opportunity available to them?

    1. Azucena says:

      Oh goodness…where to start with the opportunities?!??!
      From a college education to traveling around the world, the opportunities have been endless.
      About Americans being stuck in a monotonous life with all the opportunities available to them….ufffff that is a tough question for me to answer!
      I think it can happen to anyone let it be Americans, Europeans, etc. Sometimes for fear of falling or not succeeding we conform to a passionless life where we think we have control of all the pieces that encompasses our lives. In a country like ours there is no point of living such lives, but then again every one’s life is theirs for them to live it however way they want it to. I say grab your dreams by the horns and go crazy!!

  3. Azucena says:

    Long live our soldiers and may all the ones who’ve died in the name of our country live in our hearts! God bless America!
    I couldn’t agree more with you on the statement that we are very lucky to live in this country; where all of the realization of our dreams are within reach. As a foreign born and newly adopted American citizen, I can truly relate to this fact. In America we can make our dreams come true, we have the freedom and means to do so!
    Good luck with your new website. I’ll be following it!