Life, It’s Like Making Breakfast :^]

Have you ever realized how much you can get done simultaneously when making breakfast just by taking baby steps the entire way through. Lay out the ingredients, cut the fruit, start making the eggs, start making the smoothy with fruit you laid out, throw on the hash browns, drink smoothy, start coffee, on and on and on until a full breakfast comes together at almost the exact moment everything is needed. Human’s capacity to multitask and think creatively is really amazing and I find when I treat my daily regime like I’m making breakfast, I get to really enjoy the outcome like bacon and eggs on a Sunday morning.

Think about an interest you’ve wanted to pursue and start taking baby steps to achieve your goal. If it’s karate, go to a dojo and take a tour. Maybe there is a summer session you can get started on. If it’s a car you want, go take it for a test drive. It’s important to get a feel for your desires so you can gauge your motivation to attain your goals. What’s something you’re interested in achieving, buying or learning about? Take some time to learn more about it this week. The outcome is often exponential returns!


  1. wewanttheworld says:

    For sure, he also offers up some good life lessons from time to time that he honed during his own experience. Kimmel may be on top of the late night world, but Carolla is doing fine for himself too.

  2. wewanttheworld says:

    You know Chris I couldn’t agree more. There is something to be said for just doing something even if you’re not quite sure how, you’ll figure it out along the way. You may make mistakes but those will only teach you how to get better. It beats the alternative of completely abandoning the adventure because you’re inexperienced or unsure of yourself. Plus, by doing it you’ll get some satisfaction out of crossing it off your to do list instead of having it hang over your head like a black cloud of uncertainty.

    A comedian named Adam Carolla hosts a daily podcast ( where he often delves into this topic. It sounds simple but often the best answer is just to do it. You’ll be amazed with the results and more often than not, learn something about yourself along the way.

    1. TimeSurfer2100 says:

      Haha, Adam Carolla is hilarious. I just tuned in for ‘Steve Schirripa Live from Amalfi’ and they discussed farting haha… “Keeping one in is like keeping a secret”, one wife exclaimed to her husband! What a classic old married couple understanding. Out of Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel, Kimmel really ended up with a much more successful career. Carolla always was a little too gritty for TV.