Kanye is ‘Bound 2’ Kim Kardashian in New Music Video


Have you heard? Kim Kardashian just released another sex tape–only this time, it’s a bit more softcore and features Kanye West instead of Ray J. The new single off Kanye’s Yeezus, Bound 2, features the megastar rapper with his megastar girlfriend/baby mama, Kim Kardashian. The two ride a motorcycle (though it’s obviously not moving) across a beautiful skyline (though it’s obviously just a green screen) for the entire music video, while Kanye wears a tie dye t-shirt and Kim wears…well, nothing. Not that I have a problem with the latter. For someone who used to be mistaken for an oversized couch, Kim is looking as sexy as ever. And one can’t help but wonder if this video was meant to show that off. The whole thing comes off as an ode to the couple’s love—or maybe just they’re lovemaking. Watching Kanye and Kim bump along on their fictitious motorcycle looks an awful lot like a sex scene out of a Kanye and Kim porno. The song is actually pretty good; definitely not the worst thing to come off Yeezus. The video, on the other hand, feels boring and repetitive and lacks Kanye’s “creative genius.” Especially when you compare it to past videos like Jesus Walks or the seizure inducing All of the Lights. What do you think of Kanye’s latest “masterpiece”?

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