John Mayer – “Paradise Valley”


After recovering from two throat surgeries in the clean air, big sky country of Montana, John Mayer has released his most recent album, with the title paying homage to his Montana retreat. Mayer comes back restored and reflective as a man on an album that has a great country feel with lots of piano and slide guitar. On ” Dear Marie” he looks back to his first love and asks her to “tell me what it was I used to be.” He confesses that he still has moments when he thinks about her and finds himself looking for her photograph from time to time. He makes a striking comparison in stating that while he may have realized his dream, she now instead has a family.

The first song of the album “Wildfire” is by far my favorite. Dripping with slide guitar it tells the story of two young lovers and feels as though it was recorded in someone’s backyard during an evening barbecue. It swings with happy lyrics about “a little bit of summer’s what the whole year’s all about.” Musically it has a blissful piano bridge that just makes you feel like moseying. “Who You Love” with Katy Perry, gives Perry a chance to display her singing talents as she and John trade verses seemingly about their own romance together. It truly is a beautiful love song about unexpected love, the kind that you fight against at first because it’s not what you expected or had been dreaming about. Yet you cannot deny accepting it because it’s so real and right in front of you.

I have to be honest in saying that I was never the biggest John Mayer fan. I knew he was a great guitar player and thought he was a cool guy, but his songs never really did it for me. This album has changed my opinion in that I think he has created some truly great songs filled with emotion and thought-provoking lyrics. Definitely listen to the songs that I mentioned, but the entire album is worth your time. Listening is most suitable outside with some peace and quiet to just soak it all in.


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  2. wewanttheworld says:

    I think he really shows his talents as a songwriter on this album. He has a more reflective tone and is more willing to accept things from what they are and not get hung up on them. He’s gone through some changes and maybe regrets some of his actions in life but is trying to get back to being himself.