Japandroids – “Young Hearts Spark Fire”

This song just really does it for me. It jumps from my ears right into my brain making me move to the beat and gain self insight based on the lyrical content. The guitar tone and strumming style is very fast and fun with hissing cymbal crashes providing plenty of balance for the dual vocal attack. My favorite part isĀ  the four music stoppages and accompanying screams sequence before the end of the song. It may be simple, but the lyrics say it all, “we used to dream, now we worry about dying.”


The upbeat nature of the song hides this statement but I cannot help but realize that there was a time in life when we all had grand and beautiful dreams. Although, as we got older we came to accept that certain things were unlikely and we had to adjust our expectations while also facing the moral reality of life. But the point of this song is not to live with that worry, but to cast those fears aside and worry about actions in your life that can bring about sublime joy, i.e. “sunshine girls.” Joy felt listening to this song that encourages you to take chances and create something wonderful for yourself, to fill all of your days with happiness by realizing a dream or from chasing one.


  1. TimeSurfer2100 says:

    I saw never stop the dreaming brothaman!!! I love the garagerock too. Something about the, we care about our music, but we don’t care to record it properly or we don’t need to record it properly to make it sound good. Just gives it so much more personality.

    I have actually come to believe that worrying about dreaming and dying are kind of one in the same. The more I think about my inevitable death the more it pushes me to pursue my dreams, ya dig?