Japandroids @ Firefly

Those fortunate enough to head into the festival early were treated to a energetic albeit sweaty set from the Vancouver based duo Japandroids . I was running late but literally ran over when I heard them start playing “Young Hearts Spark Fire” my personal favourite of theirs. Great stage presence from start to finish, guys really were happy to be there as this was the last show of their North American tour for the year. It’s difficult for two people to make that much noise, but these guys did it. Great drumming and great guitar sound with just the right amount of distortion and sustain. Keep an eye out for this band as they will be making noise in the future. And I even got to shake the drummers hand after the show!


  1. wewanttheworld says:

    They were sick. Great passion and great sound. Have to wait a bit for these guys to come back around.

  2. TimeSurfer2100 says:

    Great to see the rockoranything street team really getting in there to see the artists!