Independent A&R


Alvin is available to help make your music career dreams happen for you. Artists, songwriters, producers and musicians contact if you’ve got a special talent and you’re ready to develop yourself for a career in the music industry.

1. Industry Contacts – Do you know the right people that can take your music career to the level you’ve always wanted it to be? If you don’t, Alvin can connect you to them. He can provide references upon a phone call.

2. Demo Production – Do you have the voice/ the image/ the personality to be a star, but you don’t have solid records to show music industry professionals? Alvin can work with you to create a record that blends your personal style with the sounds of breaking records today.

3. Artist/ Producer Development – Alvin can connect you to some of the premier artist managers in the music business who have connections to major and major independent labels. These managers work to develop you to become valuable to these labels and will handle booking, administration and career advice.

4. Demo Vocalists – Are you a songwriter or producer looking to hire a vocalist to sing on your record? Alvin will connect you with the perfect voice for your song

5. Songwriting – Are you an artist that wants to work with a writer that’s on the pulse of modern breaking music to cowrite with? Do you want to build a record from scratch from some concepts and feelings you wanted to put into a song? Are you a producer that needs someone to topline your record and find the right vocalist to sing your song? That’s what Alvin does every day and can help you with those needs!

About Alvin: 
Alvin is a songwriter with Big Management/ Contagious Publishing ( and he works at Mercy Sound ( as a producer/ engineer.  With his network of publishers, producers, managers, DJs and curators and my ability to create competitive records, he is able to put together a competitive portfolio for you to use to be signed or to released independently and to make your dream a reality.  Whether that dream is to be a touring artist, a topline recording artist/ songwriter or you want to get more studio experience as a producer, he can help you get where you want to be. Email him on the contact page to open discussion about what you’re trying to achieve in your music career and my rates.

Alvin is highly selective as my contacts work at a high level and he cannot waste their time, but he also loves working with raw, interesting talent that will put in the extra work it takes to make their dream come true.

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