Independent A&R

Alvin is an Independent A&R available to make your music career happen for you.  Artists, songwriters, producers and musicians contact if you’ve got a special talent and you’re ready to develop yourself for a career in the music industry.

Services Offered:
1. Artist Development
2. Demo Production
3. Demo Vocalists
4. Songwriting
5. Industry Contacts

Alvin is a Songwriter/ Producer signed to Big Management/ Contagious Publishing (  With his network of publishers, producers, managers, DJs and curators and his ability to create competitive demos that industry professionals can understand, he is able to put together a competitive portfolio for you to use to audition to be signed or produced and to make your dream a reality.  Email him on the contact page to open discussion about what you’re trying to achieve in your music career and his rates. Alvin is highly selective, but he also loves working with raw, interesting talent that will work hard to make their dream come true.

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