Hopsin Kills It Live in NYC


Saturday night, I had the privilege of watching indie rapper Hopsin perform live in Union Square. He had two opening acts–two small-time, talented rappers whose monikers I can’t recall. After they finished tearing up the stage, Hopsin came out dressed like a MC from the early 2000s. He sported baggy clothes, a skull cap, and his signature white eye contact lenses. And let me tell you something–the man knows how to put on a show. After only a few songs, Hopsin was leaping into the crowd and surfing on top of them. Literally. At several points, he was actually STANDING on top of people’s raised hands. It looked dangerous, and I honestly thought he was going to topple over and either crack his skull on the floor or become mobbed by rabid fans. Instead he WALKED back to the stage, stepping from one open palm to the other. Hopsin also brought a number of people onto the stage with him. One fan got to rap an entire guest verse and then go surfing into the crowd afterward. Three other fans got the chance to freestyle, which drew an emphatic response from both the crowd and Hopsin himself. And then there were the girls, who danced with the rapper on stage and then had to be pried from his body by security. Hopsin seemed to be enjoying himself though–until one drunken fan tossed a beer bottle at his head while he was performing. This idiot was immediately tossed out by security, and then it was on with the show. Most of the songs he performed came from his last two albums, Raw and Knock Madness. Some of the tracks include Hop Is Back, Ill Mind of Hopsin 4, Sag My Pants, Nollie Tre Flip, Rip Your Heart, Nocturnal Rainbows, Ill Mind of Hopsin 5, and so many others. When the show finished, we were all chanting for an encore (naturally). We didn’t get one–but Hopsin did come back out, sit at the edge of the stage, and high-five some fans, including me. Classy, Hop.

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