Hop Is Back: Disses Kanye and Kendrick


Hop Is Back isn’t just the title of this article. It’s the name of Hopsin‘s first single off his long-awaited, highly anticipated album Knock Madness, which is slated for release on November 26. After hearing the song’s opening line, “The Dark Knight’s in this b*tch without the mask and cape,” I knew that whatever followed would be nothing short of epic. The track contains all of the ingredients that transformed Hopsin into an underground success: an entertaining video, clever multi-syllable rhymes, and mainstream rapper bashing. Like always, Hopsin is sure to take a jab at Lil Wayne, threatening to clean up the blood of any rappers he kills with Weezy’s dreads. But the best part of this song is when he goes after Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar.


Like most of us, Hopsin was excited to listen to Kanye’s most recent album Yeezus. And like most of us, he was disappointed by the mediocre production, unsubstantial lyrics,  and godly claims. “I was ecstatic to buy Yeezus,” Hopsin raps, “But I burned it first, heard it, and snapped it in five pieces.” So not only did Hopsin allegedly destroy Yeezus, but he also got it for free, which would probably piss off Kanye more than anything else. Well, except for maybe for this line: “You think you god now you half assin’ rap little f****t b***h?” Hop also does a superb job at imitating Kanye in the video, walking alongside a pregnant Kim Kardashian look alike and then angrily lashing out on paparazzi.


But Hopsin’s Kendrick diss is what really steals the show. While Kanye claims to be a god, the modest and humble Kendrick Lamar is just fine with being called a  “King.” As you may or may not know, Kendrick sent tidal waves throughout the hip-hop community after bashing every new MC in the game with his verse in the Big Sean track Control. “But most importantly hip-hop isn’t dead no more you see,” raps Hopsin. “Cause Kendrick took the bar and raised it up higher for MCs/Unfortunately the little n****r’s four foot three/the guy’s a f*****g midget/His high is still really short to me.” And there in the video is a tiny Kendrick Lamar look alike, wearing a crown and holding a bar over his head–until Hopsin comes along, swipes it out of his hands, and chucks it away.

Listen to Hop is Back.

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