Firefly Countdown – Grizzly Bear

Starting off our countdown to Firefly series is the band Grizzly Bear. A breezy Brooklyn based outfit, Grizzly Bear crafts songs perfect for daydreaming, relaxing and drifting away. The songs are so easy on the ears and peaceful to listen to that you may find yourself drifting off. Not to suggest they are boring, but I was so relaxed while listening to them I felt as though I could take a blissful nap if not at work. Starting out as a solo side project for lead singer Edward Droste in 2002, the band evolved to include drummer Christopher Bear, bass player/producer Chris Taylor and guitarist/vocalist Daniel Rossen. Releases in 2006 Yellow House and 2008 Veckatimest brought the band increased recognition, punctuated by opening for Radiohead on their 2008 North American tour. During the tour, guitarist Jonny Greenwood gushed about Grizzly Bear, referring to them as his “favorite band.” One can hear influences of Radiohead in their work, the experimental nature of their songs and consistency of their rhythm feels like something from Kid A with a folksy twist. Grizzly Bear uses more vocal harmonies in an almost instrumental way in lieu of real lyrics and a verse, chorus song structure. I am curious how their sound will translate at the festival as it is outdoors. Hopefully their acoustics carry well and everyone can enjoy their blissful lullaby’s. Here’s my favorite track of theirs that I’ve heard so far below. Enjoy!


  1. TimeSurfer2100 says:

    I’m interested to see how they sound with those outdoor acoustics as well. I could see the breezy melodies floating off into space before it reaches more than 10 rows back. I’m not sure if I really like anyone besides Radiohead playing this style of music, although your description of a blissful nap resulting from listening to this tune certainly seems probable. I wish I could see them this week at the Fillmore with you Adrian, but I’ve got too much work to catch up on. We need to catch a show together again sometime soon though!

    1. Adrian says:

      Agree! We must catch up soon! Check out Grandcentral venue they have good live shows.
      I won’t make it either. Couldn’t get out of my work shift. In my ideal world I would’ve been able to go to my boss and say: “hey can’t make tonight got to go see Grizzly Bear play” and she would’ve said: “go ahead enjoy I’ll give a paid day off”.
      But this is the real world which sometimes sucks;-p

      1. TimeSurfer2100 says:

        We should definitely meet up in midtown soon!

  2. wewanttheworld says:

    You should definitely check them out. I like their music and think they would be interesting live. I’ll let you know how they turn out at Firefly!

    1. Adrian says:

      Yeah let me know how they turn out at Firefly!!

  3. Adrian says:

    They will be performing at the Filmore Miami Beach June 18!!