Fall Out Boy Rocked The Fillmore Miami Beach!!!

Fall Out Boy Concert - Miami Beach Fall Out Boy last night at the Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater was awesome.  It was the perfect mix of new and old stuff.  I was both surprised and pleased to see that even the high schoolers at the show knew every word to Grand Theft Autumn and Saturday and these songs came out in 2003!  I guess high school angst is high school angst and it is still the same 10 years later!  You can tell people listen to FOB over and over again, in fact, most of the crowd knew almost every word to every song.  Talk about loyal fans!  You almost hate to admit it, but their punchy lyrics are exactly what you want to tell your ex-girlfriend that broke your heart and FOB gives you those words you are looking for. I have to say, these guys are definitely a huge part of the battle to save rock and roll and I thank them for that!  Check out the album review here!

The performance was tight and Patrick Stump sounded phenomenal, when I could clearly hear his voice.   My one complaint about the show was the levels.  When I wasn’t rocking my head to FOB’s performance and singing along with everyone else, I took a moment to close my eyes and listen to the sound.  It was often overwhelming the vocals.  In my opinion, the opening band, New Politics, who brought a pop-punk performance from Denmark that I was more than impressed with, had their levels perfect and I was surprised that didn’t cross over to FOB.  I did not know any of New Politic’s songs, but by the end, I was able to sing and dance to their choruses because I could clearly make them out at the beginning of the song.  I can’t say enough about how good their performance was, the lead singer even put on a breakdancing performance during the show!  I definitely need to check these guys out, although I am suspicious of how these pop-punkers will sound recorded.

Ok, back to FOB… the noise levels… ugh, but besides that the show was everything you could ask for!  I sang, helped create and participated in a little punk dance circle and promoted this young website when I could.  If any of my new Fall Out Boy  friends end up reading this, I’d love to hear what you thought about the show and what some of your favorite moments were!  Personally, I really loved Patrick on the keys playing Save Rock and Roll, I thought it was done very well.  What about you?


  1. Karen says:

    These comments are definitely spot on! Concert was a ton of fun, and Fall out boy and New politics have a new, crazy, obssessed fan. Great meeting you!

    1. TimeSurfer2100 says:

      Haha, I really got to check them out. I listened to one song on Pandora when I got back in the car and they sounded like a fun catchy band. As you can see, I commented to Katerina about finding out a couple good songs by them. I literally so booked all day putting my album together and practicing that I got to pick my spots on songs that I listen to!!! Post a link of one of your favorites when you’ve got a chance!

  2. Kyle says:

    This was my third FOB concert and in the first two Patrick didn’t move around too much and all the talking between songs went Pete. Although in this last one, Patrick seemed to be a lot more into it. I also noticed that during the “Save Rock And Roll” songs the lead guitarist, Joe, seemed completely uninterested in how little of an impact that he has in some of those songs, don’t get me wrong I love all of their songs it just disturbs me thinking about what could come from that (we definitely don’t need another hiatus). Either way, they all sounded amazing! Patrick had his A game, Pete and Joe hit all those parts you hear on the albums and Andy nearly broke his drum kit with how hard he was going. Overall just amazing, exciting, and fun, and there are a lot of great FOB fans out there! Hope to see them for the fourth time when they come back!

    1. TimeSurfer2100 says:

      Kyle, you remind me a lot of myself when I was your age haha. The first thing you said when you came over is you wanted to just chill with some people that want to rock out hard to this music (or something along those lines) and right then and there I knew that it would be an epic night. Thank God for that one kid in the Yankee’s hat pushing everyone out of the way for the dance circle, that’s essential.

      I think this was the 3rd time I saw FOB and back in the day they were a lot more wild. Like basically Joe and Pete would spend the entire concert spinning in circles, like this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mBSr2tuQEM. I think Joe may just be annoyed that Pete and Patrick are such big stars now and nobody really knows about him lol. Anyway, email me man, we’ll probably be attending a lot of the same shows and we should definitely rock out again… chris@rockoranything.com.

  3. Katerina says:

    Couldn’t agree more, FOB was phenomenal! Patricks voice is incredible he sounds just like if you were listening to the album. The concert had a great fusion of the old FOB that everyone loved and the new that everyone is loving. I’m so excited to see them in there fall tour with Panic and 21 Pilots.
    New Politics came on stage and I didn’t know what to expect but right after there first song I was hooked! I already bought there album and it is amazing I’m ready to see them live again real soon!
    It was great meeting you Chris, keep up the great work!

    1. TimeSurfer2100 says:

      Thanks Katerina, it was awesome meeting you guys!! You both seem really cool and we should definitely catch up again next time you’re on South Beach. That’s awesome about the New Politcs album, what’s the best song on it in your opinion?

      I can’t wait to see 21P also!!! I was so excited to see them on Wednesday haha. We’re going to have to make a little bit of a road trip if we’re actually going to see them, the closest they are playing is in Tampa. Definitely check them out… this is their best song, in my opinion – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWZiez9HsoM

  4. wewanttheworld says:

    Nice, Patrick will always have a great voice. No dig here, but I’m sure his weight loss has helped his delivery and vocal stamina. Mostly in regards to live performances. Shame the sound guy couldn’t set up everything properly. Really a crucial element to a show that can sometimes unfortunately be overlooked.