Eminem And Rihanna’s ‘Monster’ Tour


2014’s hottest concert has officially been announced: ‘The Monster Tour,’ featuring superstars Eminem and Rihanna. This jackpot combination will be making three stops: Detroit, New Jersey (thank God), and Los Angeles, which is where Eminem epically surprised the crowd at a Rihanna concert. Personally, I’d rather see Slim Shady paired up with a rapper, similar to his 2010 Home & Home tour with Jay Z. But hey, I get it. Together, this monumental duo shares four collaborations (Love the Way You Lie, Love the Way You Lie Part 2, Numb, and The Monster), two of which have relentlessly dominated the charts and radio. Rihanna and Eminem also happen to be–are you ready for this?–the two most “liked” entities on Facebook, respectively. More people have “liked” their pages than any movie, TV show, book, fictional character, or person, dead or alive. That’s an astonishing feat to list on your resume. With a tour this monstrous, sales will be through the roof, and tickets will be gobbled up in seconds. So be sure to pick them up as soon as possible! Tickets will be released to the general public on March 28, but there will also be a Facebook presale TODAY at 10 AM, followed by a Live Nation presale next Thursday, March 27.

Eminem and Rihanna plan to grace the Rose Bowl first on Thursday, August 7. After conquering LA, this power team will touch down at Met Life Stadium on Saturday, August 16, where you’ll find me cheering and rapping to the best of my ability. The Monster Tour will then finish up with Eminem’s home city of Detroit at Comerica Park on Friday, August 22. I had the pleasure of watching Eminem perform live twice before–once at the aforementioned Home & Home Tour, and then another when he was headlining Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival. He’s an epic, thunderous performer who wields his energy to get the entire crowd screaming. His set list both nights were amazing. And as you stand there, listening and watching and recklessly throwing your middle finger in the air, you come to realize just how many great songs this man has given us. I’ll never forget when he performed “Kill You” at Lollapalooza. He did the entire song, except the chorus–that part he saved for the audience. “YOU DON’T/WANT TO F*CK WITH SHADY!” roared tens of thousands of fans, to which Eminem silently asked, “Why not?” If you know this song, then you know what we all screamed back in response. It was a mind-blowing experience, and I highly recommend catching this performance if you can. You WON’T want to miss it.

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