Dispatch @ Firefly

Easily the second best set at Firefly (Chili Peppers) from one of the lesser known bands on the bill. Educated music fans turned up on Sunday afternoon to catch Dispatch play an amazing set. Deeply in sync as a group, they played all of the favorites “Open Up’ “Two Coins” “Bats in the Belfry” and closing with an extended version of “The General.” The crowd sang along to many of the songs as Chad (lead singer/guitarist) helped egg them on by delaying his lyrics for a measure or two or pausing to invite them in. I wish more people knew about this band and hopefully everyone that reads this gives them an honest listen!


  1. I only know there hits

  2. wewanttheworld says:

    Good times all around. I’m assuming you were there? I really loved their set, Chad was on fire and the guys are not only great musicians but great performers as well, getting the crowd into it and keeping them excited as well.

  3. John Dearborn says:

    When they covered “friend of the devil” during Bang Bang jam

  4. wewanttheworld says:

    Yes sir. Are you familiar with them? I think they’re great and they were sensational live. I can’t think of anyone else that topped them in my opinion.

  5. TimeSurfer2100 says:

    Wow, 2nd to chili’s. Are you sure man?