Daft Punk: 2014 Ultra Music Fest Headliner?

Over ten years ago I used to hang out with a friend in rural Missouri. She lived on a farm with horses, fields and all things Midwest. This friend wasn’t your typical preteen girl that thrived on Spice Girls, *NSYNC and Backstreet Boy jams, instead she introduced to me this amazing band called Daft Punk. I remember listening to “Discovery” for the first time and jumping around to the techno sounds of “One More Time” in her basement. Fast forward about seven years and here I am in another basement listening to “Something About Us” with my boyfriend who instead of saying “I love you,” let the song do the talking…typical, so much for having a way with words! Now in present day it seems like I can’t turn on the radio, go to a bar or club without hearing some of their music, new and old alike.


Now that we have taken a small stroll down memory lane I want to stir up the rumor mill a little bit!
Since moving to Miami all the music rage seems to revolve around Ultra Music Festival. Last year at UMF, they had a two weekend extravaganza of techno, trance, dub step, indie and everything in between celebrating the fifteen year anniversary of the festival. Swedish House Mafia opened and closed the event by saying goodbye for the last time as a group and hello to solo careers. Who could beat an act like that? How in the hell could they make Ultra 2014 any better?

All over the internet and music world people have been trying to answer these questions. It would make sense that the only musical act to truly top last years performance would be the iconic techno group, Daft Punk. Last March after SHM closed out the show, the Ultra twitter account was updated with the below (screenshot) leading many to believe this legendary act could be a major part of UMF 2014. Unfortunately this year they have been a little slow on updating the line up for the show. I can only hope all of those trance-crazed ticket buyers will be getting their money’s worth this year with ticket prices going up so much they are offering payment plans!

daft-punk-ultra-2014 (1)

While patience may be a virtue I wish the people at UMF would get their shit together enough to start releasing the line up. We are four months away from festival madness so give us the goods! I don’t know about you but if Daft Punk does grace Miami with their presence this year…you better believe I will be front and center enjoying all the action. In the meantime…enjoy an old fave of mine!

Cheers to another Wasted Wednesday!


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