Chili Peppers Went Unplugged for Super Bowl

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Yesterday brought some very interesting news to light. One: with 112 million viewers, this year’s Super Bowl has become the most watched television program in American history—which means that we’ll be seeing another Meadowlands Super Bowl very soon. Two: Red Hot Chili Peppers were accused of ‘unplugging’ during Sunday night’s halftime show. In other words, none of the instrumentals were live; only the vocals were. All that guitar-jamming and drum-banging you saw during their performance? It was fake, miming, all for show. Flea, the group’s famed bassist and co-founder, wrote a long and detailed explanation  of why the Chili Peppers chose to go that route. The decision, as well as Flea’s open letter, has received polarizing critiques from fans. Some have even gone so far as to call the band “sellouts.”

My personal opinion? These haters need to find the closest bridge and throw themselves off it. Let’s all be honest here for a moment. As much as it pains me to say this, the Chili Peppers were NOT the main attraction of the halftime show; it was Bruno Mars. RHCP played ONE song. Are you really going to complain about cordless instruments for ONE song? Not only that, but the NFL offered the band a take-it-or-leave-it deal: either go unplugged or go home. Who in their right mind would choose the latter?! This is the SUPER BOWL. Performing at its halftime show is, for most artists, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do you really expect RHCP to stick to their rebellious, counterculture ways and decline it? 99% of the country would’ve taken this deal, and the 1% who wouldn’t consist of stupid people. And despite their animalistic ways, the Chili Peppers are not stupid. Surely, they knew that out of 112 million viewers, someone was bound to notice their unplugged instruments. The band could’ve very easily concealed the truth, but they didn’t. It was there in plain sight, plastered on your television screen. Clearly, the Chili Peppers wanted this truth to be known. As Flea tweeted yesterday, “No trickery.  No choice, but no trickery.” So to all of you negative RHCP fans—how about you stop your bickering and applaud this band for being real and honest musicians? Because in today’s age, those are pretty damn hard to come by.

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