Bruno Mars and Chili Peppers Were the Best Part of the Super Bowl


Eight points away from becoming the first blowout in Super Bowl history, last night’s game was, unfortunately, a three and a half hour yawn for sports fans all over the country. In fact, the game was so boring that I actually turned it off. Even the commercials gave a poor performance. None of them were memorable, which only made the night that much more disappointing. It was also a sad defeat for NFL’s golden boy Peyton Manning. At age 37, he threw for a record of 5,477 yards, claimed the record for most touchdown passes in a season with 55, and won the AFC Championship.  After the year he had, it seemed like destiny that Manning would emerge victorious with the Lombardi trophy in hand. Instead, he was just as underwhelming as the game’s commercials. And to top it all off, he now has another record to add to his name: most playoff losses of any quarterback with a whopping 12.

There was one shining moment during the game though: the Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers halftime show. Although it still aggravates me that RHCP was only the “special guest” and was hardly advertised as a performer, there’s no denying that the two acts pulled off a great show. Bruno opened things up from behind a drum set, banging his way toward the center of the stage. Rocking a golden jacket and his signature puffy hairstyle, his performance was like a threeway between 1950s du wop, 1970s funk, and contemporary pop. He danced around the stage James Brown style and flowed seamlessly into the Chili Peppers’ introduction. The rock band didn’t stay for long, but they made their presence known with a head-banging jam of Give It Away Now. Bruno then closed out the show with a solitary, mellow performance of Just the Way You Are. Watching him stand there alone, gazing out at the applauding, cheering masses, I only had one thought on my mind: Damn, it must be awesome to be Bruno Mars right now.

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