Bound 3: The James Franco and Seth Rogen Love Story


This. Is. Awesome.

Comedic actors James Franco and Seth Rogen decided to make their own version of Kanye West’s new music video, Bound 2. The title? Bound 3. The hysterical parody matches Kanye’s absurd video shot for shot. Literally. Franco’s impersonation of Kanye might just be his best acting performance yet. And of course, who better to play a naked Kim Kardashian than a naked Seth Rogen? The two bump along on Franco’s motorcycle, as the green screen lamely provides the background aesthetics. The parody is awesomely ridiculous—and yet it’s still not as ridiculous as the original. Probably because Kanye was 100% serious when he made it.

Now here’s the question: what’s the over/under on how long it takes Kanye to flip out and bash Rogen and Franco on Twitter? My guess is we’ll see something within the next 45 minutes.

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