A take on the State of the Music Industry

With the advent of the Internet, it is interesting to note that popular music will be controlled more and more by the masses and less by record labels and radio stations. This is a great thing for music and because of the internet, I foresee a more honest future in the production and distribution of music. What I mean by that is an executive won’t be making the decisions for what is played. The masses will. And that is a good thing for both the artist and the listener. Unfortunately, this means tough times for a lot of big labels and radio stations. That may all sound obvious to you, but my point is basically this… Theoretically, as time goes on, the production and distribution processes in the music industry should become more and more DIY (do-it-yourself). As the internet’s radio stations, video and other services become more accessible and acceptable by the masses, many more musicians will actually be able to produce quality music and distribute it to the customers of their choice. The music industry certainly is in a Wild West stage, as Jay-Z says, and I believe if explored intelligently, there is a huge opportunity for success.


  1. TimeSurfer2100 says:

    Really good article Natalie. I really do hope this is a turnaround year for the music biz. Now that these streaming services provide a really good solution for consumers and the music industry, we should start to see more positive growth!

  2. Natalie says:

    I agree times have changed for the music industry and will keep on changing. Check out this article from the New York Times.