Yeezus Album Review

Yeezus Album cover

Yeezus Album cover

Yeezus is 40 minutes and ten tracks worth of inflated egotism, rebelling against corporations, and really lame misogyny. The album opens up with something that sounds like Skrillex on a bad acid trip called On Sight. One of Kanye’s biggest strengths as a producer was taking samples from other songs and turning them into catchy choruses (think College Dropout’s Through the Wire or Watch the Throne’s Otis) On Sight makes use of this device as well; only here, the sample is smacked right into the middle of the song, making it feel awkward and out of place. After that, there are a handful of songs that just make you shake your head and wonder whether the best years of Kanye West are behind him. There’s Hold My Liquor, which sounds like a robot dying throughout the entire song, and Send It Up, which sort of makes you wish that you were that dying robot. The best and catchiest song on the album, by far, is Black Skinhead, which you may recognize from Scorcese’s The Wolf on Wall Street trailer (if you haven’t seen this yet, stop what you’re doing NOW and watch it).

But alas, Black Skinhead ends and on comes the most cringe-worthy song on the album: I Am a God. Now, we all know that Kanye West is an absurd, egotistical maniac. We knew it when he stood beside Mike Myers and stated on national television, “George Bush doesn’t like black people.” We knew it again when he felt like it was perfectly OK to walk onto the stage at the VMA’s, swipe the microphone out of Taylor Swift’s hands, and completely crap on her special moment. But at this point, Kanye West is bordering on a God complex (if you haven’t figured it out, Yeezus is a combination of ‘Ye, Kanye’s nickname, and Jesus). I mean, just look at the brilliancy that Kanye demonstrates in these few bars alone: “I am a god/even though I’m a man of god/My whole life in the hands of god/So y’all better quit playing with god.” Yes Kanye, you can rhyme the word “god” four times in a row. Thanks for bestowing us with your talents. He then has the audacity later on in the song to say “Everybody know you brought real rap back” and compare himself to Michael. Assumedly, this is either a reference to Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson. Either way Kanye, I’m sorry to say that you’re neither of them.

Overall Grading: D

Recommended track list: Black Skinhead, Bound 2, New Slaves

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  2. Matthew Perrino says:

    Yo Richard…here’s my full review on my blog here. Check it out:

  3. wewanttheworld says:

    All I have to add Mr.Surfer is that Rolling Stone magazine sucks. When in the last several years have they been relevant/you gave a shit about who was on the cover? I think they had their time in the sun, and now they’re just running on reputation and legacy.

    1. And that is why rockoranything is here, somebody’s got to clean up the mess they made

  4. I can’t say I agree with you completely Pedin. I listened to the album for the first time the day before it came out and then again last week. I do agree that some tracks are completely ridiculous, but others are right on point. Black Skinhead’s beat is aweeesommmee and the lyrics are hot too. I think it sounds even better live – He sounds like a rockstar with those screams. I’m not saying I love the whole album, yes he’s an egomaniac, ext.. but I don’t think it’s a flop. Just to mention, Rolling Stone gave it 4.5/5 stars. I said it when I first heard it… this sounds like an album I’ll appreciate in a few weeks time, after it settles in. I think this is one of those albums that just takes time to grasp.

  5. Richard says:

    This review is right on point. Finally someone actually gives an honest review of this heinous album. I just wish there was more in this review!

  6. wewanttheworld says:

    Well I for one am glad that I watched the trailer for the first time, looks to be a great film and a true story none the less. While I don’t consider myself too much of a rap/hip-hop fan I do like a lot of Kanye’s music, albeit most of his older tracks. It’s too bad that this album came out so poorly, yet I can’t say that I’m surprised. Mr. West is a very strange self-absorbed individual who seems to be edging closer and closer to insanity. It seems as though he has gotten so wrapped up in his own ego that he cannot recognize signs from the outside that his work is suffering. Too bad because I think the album cover is really cool with the whole mix-tape vibe going on, at least he hit on something.

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