Wasted Weds: Gaye v. Thicke: The Battle for More Cowbell

The universe works in strange ways sometimes. The most random encounter can turn into being asked to assist in shooting a promo video at midnight, beer in hand, with an old-ass iPhone4 or even being honored with the request to write for rockoranything.com. Honestly, I’m happy it happened and am super stoked to be continuing […]

GQ Crowns King Kendrick Rapper of the Year

In a year where Jay Z, Kanye, Eminem, and Drake have dominated the charts, it’s King Kendrick who earns the crown. As part of their Men of the Year issue, GQ magazine named Kendrick Rapper of the Year and gave him the cover. His debut, good kid, m.A.A.d city, was met with universal acclaim and has the […]

Eminem Soars, Timerblake Crushes, and Britney…Wanes?

The numbers are in. Eminem’s new album, Marshall Mathers LP 2, claimed the top spot in its first week of sales, scoring 792,000 copies—an extraordinary amount in a post-Limewire/Napter world. This also marks Eminem’s highest selling album since his 2004 monstrosity Encore, trumping the sales of his last two works (2009’s Relapse sold 608,000 and […]

Happy 20th Anniversary to Wu Tang’s Enter the 36 Chambers!

On Saturday, Wu Tang Clan celebrated the 20th anniversary of the album that introduced 9 pioneers to rap culture: Enter the 36 Chambers. Since its debut on November 9, 1993, 36 Chambers has gone down as one of the greatest, most classical albums in hip-hop. Rap groups have existed before; but hearing 9 distinctive voices […]

2013 Europe Music Video Awards

Last night in Amsterdam, MTV celebrated the Europe Music Video Awards (EMAs), which is just the foreign version of the VMAs. Stupidly enough, it’s MTV Europe that actually managed to arrange these words in the proper order (why is it called the Video Music Awards and not the Music Video Awards, damn it?).  Like its […]

So Two Rap Gods, an MC, and a Pop Artist Walk into a Bar…

It’s a week of accomplishments for several of rap’s biggest stars. I have yet to listen to Drake’s newest album Nothing Was the Same, hence the lack of a review. But earlier this week, the Young Money MC reached a huge landmark: his album went platinum, surpassing an impressive one million sales. It’s an extraordinary […]

Marshall Mathers LP 2 Review

  When you name your eighth album after your greatest body of work, you better make damn sure that you’re putting out something good. People will automatically expect it to meet a certain standard—and for me, Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP 2 has exceeded all expectations. Now if you’re waiting for a regurgitation of MMLP, you […]

YouTube Streams Its First-Ever Music Awards Show

  Last night, YouTube live-streamed its first-ever music awards show to millions of viewers, and it was bizarre to say the least–though I guess that’s what happens when you produce a live event. The whole thing felt like an independent, artsy event that was sloppily thrown together by a bunch of hipsters, where the winners […]