Last night I attended the John Mayer Born and Raised world tour with a few friends.  So, my apologies for being a day late on my celebrity reporting duties – but can you blame me? As you already know, I am a huge fan of his so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I spent […]

Going Berzerk over Miley Cyrus, Macklemore, and Kendrick Lamar

I thought this would be a good chance to follow-up on some of the recent stories I’ve covered. First up, the VMAs. This year’s show was the best I’ve seen in a while, mainly because its stellar performances outshined the cringe-worthy moments. But like every year, there’s always something outrageous for people to criticize and […]

John Mayer – “Paradise Valley”


After recovering from two throat surgeries in the clean air, big sky country of Montana, John Mayer has released his most recent album, with the title paying homage to his Montana retreat. Mayer comes back restored and reflective as a man on an album that has a great country feel with lots of piano and […]

Top Stories from the VMAs: Justin Timberlake and Eminem

My brain was raped last night. First I watched Breaking Bad, which had my heart racing from start to finish (if you don’t watch this show, then there’s something missing in your life). Then I caught up on MTV’s version of the Grammy’s, which, as expected, offered both incredible and embarrassing highlights. Lady Gaga kicked […]

Who Gave the Best VMA Performance?

MTV’s Video Music Awards airs this Sunday at 9 PM (though you should really be watching AMC’s Breaking Bad instead).  Following an undoubtedly absurd opener by Lady Gaga, this year’s show promises to deliver memorable and outrageous moments with just its headliners alone. Drake, Bruno Mars, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, Katy Perry, […]

Wasted Wednesday


The rumor mill has been spinning this year on which Hollywood a-listers would be playing Christian Grey and Ana Steele in the long anticipated film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. At this point, if you haven’t at the very least heard an abridged version from a friend, you’ve read the series and sometimes catch yourself day dreaming […]

Behind the Scenes of Caveman Music

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 10.01.51 AM

  Check out the Behind the Scenes to the making of the Caveman Music video. Ana, Adrian, Gonzo, Jeremy, Denley, Asim and Michelle Lewin, thanks again for your help and I hope you had as much fun making it as I did… Also check out my YouTube skills at the end of the video and how I linked them to other vid’s… […]

Shady’s Back…Tell a Friend

In just two days, the hip-hop world has shaken with groundbreaking news. First, the up-and-coming Kendrick Lamar raised the bar with his verse in Control, challenging his peers and competitors to either step up their game or be destroyed by his own. Then yesterday, legendary veteran Eminem gave us the first sneak peek to his eighth, […]

Wasted Wednesday


Last week’s Teen Choice Awards, hosted by the beautiful Lucy Hale, was filled with performances by Demi Lovato and One Direction, fashion mistakes by Miley Cyrus, acceptances for choice break-up song by Selena Gomez and choice TV show: comedy by the cast of Glee.  Among the Glee cast that night was Lea Michele who bravely spoke and dedicated the award […]