Wasted Wednesday

Not only did Justin Bieber cover one of Eminem’s most recognized songs, Lose Yourself, at a concert this week – he did it in Detroit. A gutsy move by the teen-turned-bad-boy pop star to do in Eminem’s hometown. Now, I’ve been known to belt out the words to JBiebs’ hits like Baby and Somebody to […]

Wasted Wednesday

HRH Wave

Update: Kate and Will gave him a name — George Alexander Louis The courtship of Prince William and Kate Middleton that lasted a decade ended in a fairytale wedding at Westminster Abbey in London back in 2011. Then, the couple and their 1,900 closest friends and family, celebrated the nuptials along with 72 million viewers worldwide (including […]

Magna Carta Review

Can I get a what-what the hell am I listening to? Often heralded as one of rap’s greatest MCs, Jay-Z delivered his twelfth studio album earlier this month. Magna Carta…Holy Grail is a mediocre piece of work that falls short of greatness mostly because of disappointing wordplay. Even the album’s title is a mediocre effort. […]

Rolling Stone Cover Boston Terrorist

https://www.facebook.com/BoycottRollingStoneMagazineForTheirLatestCover Will you like the Boycott Rolling Stone Facebook page or do you think, as Rolling Stone says, they are trying to depict someone who is the modern rock fan’s age and are showing their readers how wrong an adolescent’s life can go?  The main argument by boycotters is that the victims should be on […]

Wasted Wednesday

rockoranything photo

As someone who has been a Glee fan from the beginning, it saddens me to write this post.  Cory Monteith’s sudden death on Saturday, July 13th has left Gleeks in mourning and the show’s approaching new season unknown. Monteith, who plays Finn, has been an integral part of the Glee cast from the start.  Filming, originally […]

Yeezus Album Review

Yeezus is 40 minutes and ten tracks worth of inflated egotism, rebelling against corporations, and really lame misogyny. The album opens up with something that sounds like Skrillex on a bad acid trip called On Sight. One of Kanye’s biggest strengths as a producer was taking samples from other songs and turning them into catchy […]