Wasted Wednesday

Our apologies for the week long hiatus, but no fear, we’re back – we know you missed us. There’s so much going on this week we’re struggling on what to report first! Since our last post was about Kimye, let’s start there. SHE’S HERE!!!! Three weeks early, but shes here. Baby Kardashian West was born […]

Twenty-One Pilots – Vessel a Musical Amalgam

Vessel by Twenty-One Pilots is electro-emo-rap and it’s a force to be reckoned with.  The drummer-pianist duo sing motivational lyrics dealing with depression, suicide and melancholiness, much like the emo-bands we all loved in high school.  They have garnered attention from fellow Fueled By Ramen band Fall Out Boy and they will be opening for them this […]

Countdown to Firefly – Apache Relay

What do you get when you weave Bruce Springsteen together with Motown? I’d imagine it would sound an awful like Apache Relay. The Nashville, Tennessee based rockers have their own special blend of music that results in memorable live performances and raised emotional responses. Varying between Doo Wop style crooning on Watering Hole and folk […]

Walt Disney’s Strange Faces ‘8^(

Colleagues would often catch Walt Disney making the strangest faces.  One brow raised, one eye squinted, the other popping out and a frown like he was an old Italian mob boss.  What a ridiculous face for one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs and businessmen.  Why was he making it then?  It wasn’t that he was surprised, […]

Firefly Countdown – Grizzly Bear

Starting off our countdown to Firefly series is the band Grizzly Bear. A breezy Brooklyn based outfit, Grizzly Bear crafts songs perfect for daydreaming, relaxing and drifting away. The songs are so easy on the ears and peaceful to listen to that you may find yourself drifting off. Not to suggest they are boring, but […]

Coutdown to Firefly

Aloha, as we tick off the days until I venture down to Dover, DE for the Firefly music festival (http://fireflyfestival.com/) I will be using the time leading up to the festival to highlight some of the lesser known bands that will be performing. Starting tomorrow I’ll shine the spotlight on a new band each day […]

Queens of the Stone Age…Like Clockwork Album Review

When the opening track of an album begins with sounds of breaking glass you get the impression that the disc will be gritty and aggressive as breaking glass rarely lends itself to refinement. …Like Clockwork is an album from Queens of the Stone Age that starts off with several quality songs. Keep Your Eyes Peeled […]

Fall Out Boy Rocked The Fillmore Miami Beach!!!

Fall Out Boy last night at the Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater was awesome.  It was the perfect mix of new and old stuff.  I was both surprised and pleased to see that even the high schoolers at the show knew every word to Grand Theft Autumn and Saturday and these songs came out in 2003! […]

Wasted Wednesday

We know no one wants to talk about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. We know that pregnant Kim is worse than non-pregnant Kim and we know that Kanye is the dbag king. But we wouldn’t be fulfilling our promise to report celebrity gossip if we didn’t talk about the fact that on Sunday’s Keeping up […]