The History of Rock –

If you haven’t already heard about, you’ve got to check this website out.  It is an effort by  Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, computer science professors from Stanford University and it is truly a wonderful service for the general population.  Coursera provides free MOOCs (massive open online courses).  Ok, you may be a little skeptical, but these […]


Speaking of Memorial Day and being a “New Englander” I had the opportunity to take part in a great event this morning called the “one run.” It was a symbolic event designed to give those runners who had their Boston Marathon cut short a chance to finish the race. I did not run the marathon but […]

Wasted Wednesday

We are so excited to be joining the team! After spending many nights with one another in college, M and I were quickly dubbed the gossip queens by our friends.  Now, a few years later, we still thrive on reading up on and exchanging stories about celebrities, fashion, music and concerts.  Naturally, it came as no […]

Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll Epic

Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll is a dance-hall-love-is-a-battlefield-epic-emo-versed  saga sprinkled with Patrick Stump’s catchy whoa’s, nah-nah-nah’s, ewws and ahhs to keep you singing along at the next concert you attend (like at The Fillmore Miami June 5th:)).  Pete Wentz’s lyrical contribution delivered again with thought-provoking, angsty, dark and dysfunctional relationship  prose.  These guys […]

Memorial Day 2013 Team and Fans, It’s another Memorial Day Weekend and I’m excited for the festivities that will ensue.  The Jersey Shore will be a circus I’m sure, which is where most of my college friends will be spending the weekend.  Long Islanders will be BBQ’ing and will open their pools for the summer, South Beach […]

Band of Skulls – Bruises is my song of the day

Wow, solid minimalist drums and instrumentals.  Crystal clear vocals and lyrics.  Cool harmonies.  I really dig this multi-vocalist lead band.  These guys are possibly the answer to The White Stripes and The Black Keys from London.  Band of Skulls supplies just as much raw blues grit as the two American modern blues bands do and […]

Great Gatsby Awesome

I know some people will completely disagree with me on this, but the way Gatsby (2013) was shot was really amazing. I felt like I was half in a Disney film and half in reality. The story was definitely diluted from the novel and after talking to foreign friends who didn’t have to read Gatsby […]

Life, It’s Like Making Breakfast :^]

Have you ever realized how much you can get done simultaneously when making breakfast just by taking baby steps the entire way through. Lay out the ingredients, cut the fruit, start making the eggs, start making the smoothy with fruit you laid out, throw on the hash browns, drink smoothy, start coffee, on and on […]